Staatsburg Photo Diary


Once again the gang, or should I say squad, got together and road tripped up to Staatsburg, New York. It’s a little tradition we have to head to upstate New York for a camping weekend. Although we didn’t camp last year (I was making my rounds through Paris and London) we made a promise to start our tradition again.

We stood in a cabin in Mills Norris State Park just like last time. It was a weekend filled with eating way too much food and sitting back and relaxing. Once we arrived on Friday and settled into our cabin we headed to Walmart to buy food and other necessities. I love going to Walmart because there they have everything you can possibly need and the prices are low. Since there is no Walmart in the city it’s always fun to visit one whenever possible.

Once we arrived back to the cabin we cooked some beans while we waited for the rest of the group to arrive. I can’t tell you how much beans we ate the whole weekend, and eggs and bacon. This is what our breakfast every morning consisted of haha. But no worries, we ate other food like burgers, hot dogs, steak, and sausages. But by far the best thing I ate the whole weekend was a guacamole dip we bought at Stop and Shop along with some Tostitos chips with a hint of lime. Delicious!

On Saturday the highlight of our day was visiting a drive-in movie theater. I’ve never been to one before and it’s something that I’ve always wanted to do. We ended up seeing Fantastic Four which was a little disappointing, but the experience of just sitting back in your own car/space watching a movie is priceless. I definitely recommend going to a drive-in theater.

On Sunday we all headed down to the nearby marina for some fishing. Although no one caught anything the weather was perfect. We ended each of our nights roasting s’mores by the bonfire. So sweet and yummy! We also took a drive to a nearby town called Rhinebeck and it felt so cozy. There were many local shops and restaurants. It’s always nice to get out of the city and visit less crowded places. Oh and by the way we made several trips to Dairy Queen. #sorrynotsorry

Mills Norris State Park

Mills Norris State Park

Mills Norris State Park

 Isn’t this the cutest mini grill?

Dairy Queen Staatsburg

Dairy Queen’s strawberry banana smoothie. This was just one of our many visits to DQ!

Essie In The Cab-ana

My camping mani – Essie In The Cab-Ana. The prettiest blue.

Mills Norris State Park

Bonfires are one of my favorite things. Am I the only who likes when clothes smell smoky afterwards?

Have you been camping before? What has been the highlight of your summer so far?

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