5 Rules to Follow to Get Better Skin

Nothing feels better than having a great skin day – that and a good shopping spree. Having glowing blemish-free skin is easier to have than you might think. I know we all have those days when we are just not feeling our best. We are humans nonetheless. But if you’re suffering from breakouts or feel that your skin needs a boost then count on the easy simple rules below. I follow these rules religiously and I know you probably heard them again and again but there’s a reason for that: they truly work. Try one or two or all of them and notice the difference.

Rules to follow:
1. Drink More Water: Do you think you drink enough water throughout the day? Think again. Water is incredibly important for our bodies. We need to stay hydrated constantly. Start your morning with a glass of water and continue to drink water throughout the day. Skip soft drinks and juices which can be loaded with way too much sugar. Upping your water intake guarantees more hydrated skin. This rule is beneficial for those who suffer from dry skin. 
2. Wear Sunscreen: As much as some of us dislike applying sunscreen it is crucial to do so. Always wear sunscreen before stepping outside. Look for a moisturizer/BB cream that already has SPF. Remember that you must still protect your skin even when it is a cloudy day. You’re supposed to wear sunscreen year-round to prevent sun/dark spots, wrinkles and ultimately skin cancer.
What I Use: My current moisturizer is Olay Complete All Day UV Moisturizer Sensitive Skin SPF 15.
3. Cleanse Before Sleeping: Nothing hurts skin the most than the sun and falling asleep without washing your face. Use a face wash or cleansing oil along with a cotton round to remove all of your makeup from the day. It just sounds completely icky to not clean your face before hitting your sheets. I’m super crazy about this one! Plus you don’t want makeup to transfer to your pillow or to wake up looking like a hot mess with makeup residue smeared all over your face. Trust me your skin will thank you for it.
What I Use: To remove makeup and cleanse my face I rely on L’occitane Shea Cleansing Oil.

4. Indulge in a Face Mask: Once a week treat yourself to a face mask targeted towards your skin type or a skin problem you might have. For example I have oily skin so I use a face mask every Sunday (Sundays are my “me” days) that helps combat oil and leaves my face with a matte finish. So whether you have oily, dry, or sensitive skin or you are looking to minimize pores, or add more moisture, search for a mask that will help you with your specific need.
What I Use: Once a week I apply Sephora Collection Purifying and Mattifying Mud Mask and leave it on for 20 minutes.

5. Get Enough Sleep: Okay this rule is so hard for me to follow especially when I’m binge watching a new show. Try your best to get about 7 to 9 hours of sleep everyday. My schedule, like a lot of other people’s schedule, might vary day to day so I can be waking up super early one day and a little later another day. However I try to get enough sleep as much as I can. Sleeping not only relaxes your body and gets it ready to conquer the next day but it also prevents unflattering dark puffy circles underneath your eyes and renews your skin.

I really hope you follow these rules and notice a positive change in your skin. Let’s not forget that a healthy diet and regular exercise are also incredibly beneficial to your skin. But applying the above rules to your lifestyle can absolutely make a difference in how your skin looks.

Do you follow any of these rules? What rules do you swear by to achieve glowing skin? Let me know in the comments!

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