April 2015 Magazine Covers

As you all know I am a huge magazine reader/collector. I’m subscribed to a few magazines but to be honest I mostly go to my nearest Target or Duane Reade and buy new issues from the newsstand. I get so excited when new covers are revealed especially when the cover star is someone that I think is awesome. Take a look below at some cool ladies that are gracing the cover of this year’s April issues:

Via: Glamour UK
Shailene Woodley on the cover of Glamour UK. Can’t wait to see her in the new movie “Insurgent” this month. She is also one of my favorite Top Shelves from Into the Gloss. Check out her beauty confessions¬†here.
Via: Cosmopolitan UK

One of my favorite actresses, Cameron Diaz, on the cover of Cosmopolitan UK. This cover is giving me serious spring vibes. Maybe it’s because of the fruity smoothie she’s sipping on. Am I the only one who spent this past weekend watching Cameron Diaz movies? I watched “The Other Woman” and “Sex Tape.” Love her!

Via: Flare

The amazing Tatiana Maslany on the cover of Canada’s Flare mag. If you are not watching BBC’s “Orphan Black” then you are completely missing out. Maslany plays dozens of characters on the show and does an excellent job doing it. I think this may be her first major cover. I can’t wait for season three of Orphan Black! Check out the preview here.

Via: Cosmopolitan
My childhood role model Hilary Duff on the cover of Cosmopolitan. Words cannot express how much I admire her. I remember when her first album “Metamorphosis” was released and how much I begged my dad to buy it for me. When he finally bought it for me the CD would play in my CD player nonstop. I’m so excited to hear more new music from her. Listen to her latest single “All About You” here.

What issues are you looking forward to picking up?