Make Your Nail Polish Last Longer With This Tip

Essie Velvet Voyeur
Day Three: Wearing Essie Velvet Voyeur, a deep wine/chocolate purple.

Does it feel that no matter how hard you try you can’t get an at-home manicure to actually last? Take it from me, I wish I could rock a beautiful paint-job of Essie Topless and Barefoot for a whole week, but it only lasts a mere two days until it begins to chip or worse, peel. Ever since the beauty gods discontinued my beloved True Blue Spa Seal The Deal Base and Top Coat I still can’t find a matching replacement. So there I went Googling nonstop for the best top coats. I mean is it so hard to ask for shiny and glossy nails that last?

My search led me to one of the most popular top coats: Seche Vite. Seche Vite promises to leave your nails with high-shine while protecting your color for days. I had nothing to lose so there I went to buy a bottle on Amazon. I had high hopes for Seche Vite. Unfortunately my nail polish began to peel after just two days. What is this madness? With way too much experimenting I finally figured it out: top coat has no importance at all. The only thing that matters is the way you apply your polish.
Typically this is how you’re suppose to apply: base coat, thin coat of color, let it dry for two minutes, second thin coat of color, again let it dry for two minutes, and then finally adding top coat. Well I’ve tried this and it doesn’t work for me. Here’s how I now apply: base coat, thin coat of color, let it dry for two minutes, add top coat, let it dry for two minutes, second thin coat of color, let it dry for two minutes, and then finally add top coat once again. 
So basically you’re just adding an extra layer of top coat before your second coat of color. This extra layer of top coat really adheres the first coat of color to your nails. It may also sound like there’s a lot of drying time but trust me this totally works! I was surprised that my nails were still looking good on day two. But that wasn’t more surprising than seeing my nail polish still intact after five days even after washing dishes. I’m talking no peeling and only very minimal chipping as well as some nail growth. Is this how the beauty gods are rewarding me for taking Seal The Deal away from me?

Essie Velvet Voyeur

Day Six: Some obvious chipping on the middle finger and thumb but the rest look pretty good for being the sixth day. BTW please don’t mind my dry cuticles. I’m currently working on getting them moisturized by using this.

Will you try this tip? How do you make your at-home mani last longer? Let me know your tips in the comments!

Neutral Polishes I’m Currently Loving

Once the warm weather rolls around I love to change up my nail polish game. I put away my dark colors and bring out lighter colors for spring. I’ve always been obsessed with very sheer pink and neutral colors. For some reason they make me feel super sophisticated and mature. Plus they make your nails and fingers look so delicate. Here are some of the neutral lighter colors I’m loving right now:

Essie in Minimalistic (on the left)
This color is perfect by itself or if you want to use it as base for a french manicure. Contrary to popular belief I actually still love french manis. Minimalistic is almost like a pink/white color. I usually apply two coats to get the precise color.

OPI in Bubble Bath
This is a cult-favorite sheer color. I believe this color was released with OPI’s Soft Shades collection a couple of years ago. Bubble Bath is a very light pink sheer and I usually apply three coats to get the best color. However I think you can get away with two coats and it will still look good.

Essie in Topless and Barefoot
This color is a favorite among beauty bloggers. Topless and Barefoot is less pink and more nude. It definitely has a beige-y undertone which I think looks good on light and medium skin tones. I love this color for the spring and it’s definitely one of my favorite nudes.

Londontown Lakur in Cheerio 
This is the first polish that I’ve tried from this vegan brand and it worked really well. The formula is great and Lakur polishes are known to be free of any chemicals. This color reads more like a light pink sheer and it is very similar to OPI Bubble Bath, but Cheerio is a tad bit darker. Two coats are good enough for this polish.

What are some of your favorite spring nail colors? Have you tried any of these polishes?