Lisa Kudrow’s Dos and Don’ts

While reading my December issue of Glamour I was so excited to see Lisa Kudrow reveal her Dos and Don’ts. My love for Lisa began while watching Friends — my favorite TV show. I love Phoebe’s quirkiness and how she never takes herself too seriously. (Cue the episode when she jogs with Rachel). I think there is a little bit of a Phoebe in all of us. I love what she says about not trying Botox and her friendship with Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston.
I am also loving Lisa in HBO’s The Comeback. I remember when this show premiered ten years ago and thinking that a show like this had never been done before. But now the show is back and Valerie Cherish is causing mayhem in Hollywood. Can’t wait to see what kind of situations she gets herself into in this season. Take a look at Lisa in Glamour above.
Are you watching The Comeback?

September Issues

As a self-proclaimed magazine aficionado the best magazine issue is of course the September issue. This issue in particular is jam-packed with content especially in the fashion section. Fall fashion, anyone? Since I do collect magazines (this is the only weird thing I collect — honest) I’ve read PLENTY of September issues. You would think that it would be hard to choose a favorite but for me is actually pretty easy to choose.
I remember when I got the September 2006 issue of Teen Vogue. I was so excited when I got this issue! At first glance and touch I could tell that it was thick and full of pages — just the way I like it. Mischa Barton was on the cover, which I think was during the time she was abruptly killed off the teenage drama The O.C. Not only did the cover scream Fall but it also clearly stated just how BIG this issue really was. The words “Our Biggest Issue EVER!” was adorned on the front and once I started to read it I was completely mesmerized.
I can’t wait to get my hands on this year’s September issues! I hope all of them are stacked with pages — even if those pages are mostly ads. Take a look at which ones I’ll be picking up soon:
Photo Via Glamour

Photo Via Cosmo For Latinas

Photo Via Marie Claire UK

Photo Via: Marie Claire
Which September issues are you looking forward to reading?