Bare Bottles: Products I’ve Finished No. 7

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Smooth Conditioner and Mario Badescu Facial Spray
Happy Sunday! Why does the weekend go by so fast?! I haven’t had a Bare Bottles post in a little while so below are reviews of two products that I recently finished. Keep reading for mini reviews:
This conditioner worked pretty good, but it does not compare to their original formula, the 3 Minute Miracle Moist Conditioner. I felt like the smooth version wasn’t too long lasting. When I use the moist version my hair remains soft for a lot longer. Aussie products are great because they’re inexpensive and I definitely recommend their 3 minute deep conditioners, but I would recommend the moist one instead. I did a first impression of this conditioner back in 2014, check it out!

Okay this product is an essential for me. I love using this after I cleanse my face and remove my makeup. Another way that I’ve been using it is by spritzing some on a sponge that I use to apply my BB cream or foundation. It makes my skin feel hydrated. This facial spray is infused with aloe, herbs, and rosewater. Plus is only $7! It doesn’t get much better than that. Click here to read a longer review of this mist.

Stay tuned for more mini reviews on products I’ve finished. Meanwhile, what beauty product have you just finished and can’t wait to repurchase? Let me know in the comments!

Soothe Your Skin With a Facial Spray

Facial Sprays Avene, Mario Badescu, Tatcha

I’ve always thought that the mini bottle of Evian Facial Spray was super adorable. I wondered how spraying mineral water on your face can moisturize your skin. I mean it’s just water, right? But then I got to thinking, if drinking water is beneficial to keep our bodies hydrated then it must also be beneficial to keep our faces hydrated. I personally have never tried Evian on my face but I have drunk it before only to be completely disappointed. What can I say, I’m a purified water kind of gal. Just imagine my struggle when I visited London. Evian is like the Aquafina/Polar Spring of the U.K!

Facial sprays are essential nowadays. They can really give you a quick touch up when you need it most and some of them come in travel sizes so you can easily carry them in your purse. Although I think Evian was the first of its kind to settle its place in the beauty market, there are other facial sprays that you need to know about and that you should try. And if you’re not a mineral water type of girl like me don’t worry I’ve got you covered. Below are my current favorites:

Avene Thermal Spring Water
Oh how I love a good ‘ol French product! This facial spray is so good. Cool points for the water being spring and not mineral. Although this product works well on all skin types those with sensitive skin will reap most of its benefits. If you’re skin is feeling dry, irritated, or there appears to be any kind of redness, this bad boy will fix it for ya. I like to use this at night after I cleanse my face. It feels very refreshing and cool on your skin. It really is just water so there aren’t any chemicals or odd ingredients that you need to worry about. If you live in New York you can now get this at your nearest Duane Reade that is conveniently in every corner.

Mario Badescu Aloe, Herb, and Rosewater Facial Spray
I’ve heard people continuously rave about this product so of course I had to try it. Even one of my favorite beauty babes, Nicole Guerriero, has gushed about it too. This facial spray smells just like roses so if you’re into that smell then you’ll be happy with this. Although I’m not that obsessed with the smell of rose I do like this spray. I do find it to be refreshing and find myself applying it throughout the day. It gives skin instant hydration. Plus you can’t beat the price!

Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist
This is the first product that I’ve tried from skincare brand Tatcha. This skin mist contains red algae and squalane and it is ideal for dry or combination skin. I like to use this product on special night-out occasions. I like to use it to set my makeup for the evening or when my skin is looking rather dull. This mist really moisturizes your skin and makes your skin glow without leaving it oily or too shiny. BTW how beautiful is that purple bottle?

Have you tried any of these facial sprays/mist? What’s your favorite way to quickly freshen up your skin?