Smith & Cult in Bitter Buddhist

Smith & Cult Bitter Buddhist

My obsession with Smith & Cult is not dying any time soon. It’s safe to say that I’m becoming even more obsessed. This summer I was on the lookout for a seafoam green nail polish. I kept searching for OPI Mermaid Tears but couldn’t find it anywhere. I then searched for an alternative, and although this isn’t the same shade as the OPI color, Bitter Buddhist is exactly what I had my mind on. Plus it looks awesome on your toes! The application was seamless as per usual.

Smith & Cult Bitter Buddhist

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Smith & Cult Polish in Regret The Moon

Smith & Cult Regret The Moon
Once the weather starts getting warmer, I love playing around with different nail colors. One of my favorite nail polish brands is Smith & Cult. Their colors are so unique, the formula is amazing, and the color is long lasting. You can never go wrong with white once summer rolls around. Plus wearing white looks so good when your skin is tanned.
The color above is Regret The Moon and it’s a great shade of white (Net A Porter’s photos don’t quite capture the color). Some white polishes can be super streaky making it hard to apply to the nails. The formula on this polish is so smooth. No streaks or bubbles. Regret The Moon is not such a bright white that ends up looking too heavy. It’s the perfect balance and shade. To achieve the opacity above I used two coats.
I’m honestly so obsessed with this brand and would like to build my collection of all their polishes. The packaging is so beautiful, chic, and luxe. I already purchased this seafoam green color from Net A Porter, and I can’t wait to try it and upload swatches for you all. And in case you missed it, here is my post on Smith & Cult’s Fauntleroy, a delicate lavender. The post is almost reaching 200 views! Thank you for reading!

Have you tried Smith & Cult polishes before? What’s your favorite color to wear in the summertime?


Ashley Graham x Formula X Nail Polish in Sexy As Hell

Ashley Graham Sexy As Hell Formula X

I am living for this red right now! I’ve been obsessed with Sephora’s limited edition Formula X #ColorCurators collabs, and this recent one with body activist and gorgeous woman Ashley Graham is no exception. Her three-piece polish set includes this stand-out red called appropriately enough, Sexy As Hell, along with an orange coral, and a berry plum.

I decided to go with the red. Red is such a classic color and I know that I’ll be wearing this polish no matter the season. The application for this polish was perfect. It has a great consistency and it was long-lasting. I’ve been pretty impressed with Formula X polishes and I’m currently loving their sleek yet colorful Instagram feed.

There was a past #ColorCurators collab that I never looked into with ballet fitness guru Mary Helen Bowers and luckily her polish range is still available at I’m digging the Lilac Fairy and Satin Slippers colors. Decisions, decisions, decisions…

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Song of Style x Formula X Nail Polish in Nude for You

Song of Style and Formula X Nude for You
One thing is for sure in life: a nude mani never goes out of style. I love wearing all different kinds of colors on my nails but a classic neutral color is what I somehow always end up going back to. Fashion blogger Aimee Song from blog Song of Style recently released her #ColorCurators three-piece nail polish collection with cruelty-free brand Formula X exclusively at Sephora. The collection features the colors A Girl’s Best Friend, a light pink, Mintfluencer, a mint green, and Nude for You, a beige nude. 
I decided to purchase Nude for You because you can never go wrong with a nude color. Nude polishes can actually sometimes be difficult to shop for because not every shade looks flattering on every skin tone. It’s all about trial and error. This nude color in particular looked great on my medium skin tone and I think it can work well with other skin tones too. 
Song of Style and Formula X Nude for You
This was my first time trying a Formula X polish and I was happy with the formula. The brush is great and the consistency of the polish was creamy while the application was clean. There were no streaks or bubbles. I added two coats of the polish to get this shade. What do you think?
Formula X has also released the Patrick Starr edition of their #ColorCurators range and should be releasing more nail polish collaborations soon. I can’t wait to see what else is arriving at Sephora!
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Make Your Nail Polish Last Longer With This Tip

Essie Velvet Voyeur
Day Three: Wearing Essie Velvet Voyeur, a deep wine/chocolate purple.

Does it feel that no matter how hard you try you can’t get an at-home manicure to actually last? Take it from me, I wish I could rock a beautiful paint-job of Essie Topless and Barefoot for a whole week, but it only lasts a mere two days until it begins to chip or worse, peel. Ever since the beauty gods discontinued my beloved True Blue Spa Seal The Deal Base and Top Coat I still can’t find a matching replacement. So there I went Googling nonstop for the best top coats. I mean is it so hard to ask for shiny and glossy nails that last?

My search led me to one of the most popular top coats: Seche Vite. Seche Vite promises to leave your nails with high-shine while protecting your color for days. I had nothing to lose so there I went to buy a bottle on Amazon. I had high hopes for Seche Vite. Unfortunately my nail polish began to peel after just two days. What is this madness? With way too much experimenting I finally figured it out: top coat has no importance at all. The only thing that matters is the way you apply your polish.
Typically this is how you’re suppose to apply: base coat, thin coat of color, let it dry for two minutes, second thin coat of color, again let it dry for two minutes, and then finally adding top coat. Well I’ve tried this and it doesn’t work for me. Here’s how I now apply: base coat, thin coat of color, let it dry for two minutes, add top coat, let it dry for two minutes, second thin coat of color, let it dry for two minutes, and then finally add top coat once again. 
So basically you’re just adding an extra layer of top coat before your second coat of color. This extra layer of top coat really adheres the first coat of color to your nails. It may also sound like there’s a lot of drying time but trust me this totally works! I was surprised that my nails were still looking good on day two. But that wasn’t more surprising than seeing my nail polish still intact after five days even after washing dishes. I’m talking no peeling and only very minimal chipping as well as some nail growth. Is this how the beauty gods are rewarding me for taking Seal The Deal away from me?

Essie Velvet Voyeur

Day Six: Some obvious chipping on the middle finger and thumb but the rest look pretty good for being the sixth day. BTW please don’t mind my dry cuticles. I’m currently working on getting them moisturized by using this.

Will you try this tip? How do you make your at-home mani last longer? Let me know your tips in the comments!

Smith & Cult Polish in Fauntleroy

Smith and Cult Fauntleroy

Once I saw former Lucky mag EIC Eva Chen post on her Instagram a photo of her recent lavender mani, I knew I had to get my hands on her exact polish. Luckily (no pun intended) she captioned the polish brand and the color. And there I went immediately Googling it so I can get my hands on it.

I introduce to you Smith & Cult in Fauntleroy – the prettiest, most girly, and whimsical purple polish ever! I’m completely obsessed with this color. I love it so much that I really wish I bought it sooner so that I could’ve rocked it since the beginning of summer. But we must not live our lives with regret…

And let me not get started on the bottle. Although it is indeed top heavy, the small bottle is perfect to display on a desk or vanity. And the formula? Amazing! It goes on perfectly smooth. The price tag might hurt a little but I think this polish brand is well worth it. If you’re still on the fence on whether you should try this brand simply opt to just get this color. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Smith and Cult Fauntleroy

Have you tried Smith & Cult polishes before? What’s your favorite purple polish?

Priti NYC Polish in Nodding Lilac

Priti NYC Nodding Lilac

Here’s a review of a Priti NYC polish in the color Nodding Lilac. This is the first polish I try from this brand and I was not disappointed. Nodding Lilac is a super gray color with a very small hint of lilac. I absolutely loved the application! The formula is very creamy and easy to apply. Win!

Priti NYC polishes are made in the U.S.A. and they are vegan/non-toxic since they do not contain 5 of the most used chemicals added to nail polishes. They have a great range of beautiful colors. If the other colors resemble a similar formula to this one then I would definitely want to try out more. Because they are non-toxic they cost a little more money than other brands like Essie or OPI. Priti NYC polishes go for $15. Take a look at Nodding Lilac below:

Swatch Priti NYC Nodding Lilac

Swatch Priti NYC Nodding Lilac

And I’m totally feeling these other colors:

Jersey Beauty Dahlia // Love Patt // Alister Stella Gray Rose // Belle Courtisane

Have you tried Priti NYC polishes? What color is on your nails right now?

Neutral Polishes I’m Currently Loving

Once the warm weather rolls around I love to change up my nail polish game. I put away my dark colors and bring out lighter colors for spring. I’ve always been obsessed with very sheer pink and neutral colors. For some reason they make me feel super sophisticated and mature. Plus they make your nails and fingers look so delicate. Here are some of the neutral lighter colors I’m loving right now:

Essie in Minimalistic (on the left)
This color is perfect by itself or if you want to use it as base for a french manicure. Contrary to popular belief I actually still love french manis. Minimalistic is almost like a pink/white color. I usually apply two coats to get the precise color.

OPI in Bubble Bath
This is a cult-favorite sheer color. I believe this color was released with OPI’s Soft Shades collection a couple of years ago. Bubble Bath is a very light pink sheer and I usually apply three coats to get the best color. However I think you can get away with two coats and it will still look good.

Essie in Topless and Barefoot
This color is a favorite among beauty bloggers. Topless and Barefoot is less pink and more nude. It definitely has a beige-y undertone which I think looks good on light and medium skin tones. I love this color for the spring and it’s definitely one of my favorite nudes.

Londontown Lakur in Cheerio 
This is the first polish that I’ve tried from this vegan brand and it worked really well. The formula is great and Lakur polishes are known to be free of any chemicals. This color reads more like a light pink sheer and it is very similar to OPI Bubble Bath, but Cheerio is a tad bit darker. Two coats are good enough for this polish.

What are some of your favorite spring nail colors? Have you tried any of these polishes?