San Antonio Photo Diary

 Airplane reading

This past weekend my sister and I traveled to San Antonio, Texas. We were there for my boyfriend’s Air Force graduation and it was such a cool experience. Apart from the graduation, San Antonio was a lot of fun to explore. We ate really good food and were very happy by everyone’s hospitality. People in Texas are so friendly. I love that!

This weekend my bf had the opportunity to finally hang out and relax after being told what to do for the past seven and a half weeks. On Thursday after the graduation ceremony we could only hang around the Air Force base. Luckily the base had a Burger King and we stayed there eating and talking for two hours. My bf was so happy that he could finally sit down and eat without having someone screaming in his ear and rushing him.

On Friday it was the airmen’s first town pass, meaning they could now actually leave the base for the first time and visit the city of San Antonio. Although many graduates and their families visited Sea World or Six Flags, we decided to visit good ‘ol Cracker Barrel. This was our first time at Cracker Barrel and I personally loved it. Apparently this restaurant/store is very popular in the south. We had some great southern food like fried chicken, mac and cheese and baked potatoes. So good!

On Saturday we visited Denny’s for breakfast (who doesn’t love Denny’s?) and then we went to a nearby movie theater and watched Furious 7. Later in the afternoon we had some In N Out burgers and fries. I’ve heard good things about In N Out especially from those living in Los Angeles. I was so happy there was one in San Antonio. The burgers were good. But a little part of me prefers Shake Shack instead. A total New York thing!

On our last day together we attended morning mass and then we had breakfast at a local IHOP. We were in desperate need of some pancakes! Finally, we went to Applebee’s for some dessert and then spent our last couple of hours relaxing back at our hotel. After saying our goodbyes (my bf had to stay at the base for another week) my sister and I ate a steak dinner at Logan’s Roadhouse and then caught a late night show of The Age of Adeline. By the way Blake Lively is amazing in this movie!

The first couple of days in San Antonio the weather was unbearable. Coming from a dry place like New York I wasn’t prepared for Texas’ intense humidity. Forget about having a blowout. There was hair frizz everywhere! Every morning there were intense thunderstorms. The storms were so strong that the power in our hotel went out for a couple of hours. Fortunately the last two days in San Antonio were filled with sunshine.

Blazer and Striped Top: H&M | Watch: Michael Kors

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