Bare Bottles: Products I’ve Finished No. 6

Happy Fri-Yay! What are your plans for the weekend? Here I have my latest Bare Bottles post where I give you mini reviews of a cleansing oil (my favorite!), a body lotion, and a face mist. Read about them below:

L’Occitane Shea Cleansing Oil
This cleansing oil is seriously the best, and my ultimate favorite. You apply it to a dry or wet face and the oil turns milky. This cleansing oil not only removes all of your makeup but it also leaves your skin super soft. Once I massage it all over my face I then use a cotton round to take off my makeup. I love to use this at night before I hit the sheets. If you have combo skin like me, don’t feel afraid to use a cleansing oil. I promise this one is super gentle and doesn’t cause any breakouts. I highly recommend this product!

Kai Body Lotion
I picked up this lotion after hearing some hype about it online. I wanted to see what the fuss was about. This lotion is made up of safflower seed oil, apricot kernel oil and cucumber fruit extract. For me the smell is a little hard to get use to at first, but after continuing to wear it I ended up liking the scent. It is definitely a unique scent that I haven’t smelled on any other lotion before. Kai products are also all sulfate, paraben, and phthalate free.

Glossier Rosewater Soothing Face Mist

You know about my fascination with face mists, right? I need to have one at all times. This one from Glossier was not a total home run for me. I will say that it is refreshing just how a face mist should be, but I did not like the smell of this rosewater spray. It has a chemical rose smell that reminds me of the nasal spray I use to combat my spring allergies (read about my first impression of it here). I’ve actually grown fond of rose scents and when I think of an authentic pure rose scent I immediately think of my Santa Maria Novella Acqua Di Rose. But to each their own: my sister ended loving this Glossier mist so much that she has been begging me to purchase it again for her.

Have you tried any of these products? Let me know in the comments!

Santa Maria Novella Acqua Di Rose

Santa Maria Novella Acqua Di Rose

As you all know I have a tad bit of an obsession with facial mists and sprays. I’m slowly but surely building my own little collection. Other than facial sprays nothing excites me more than trying out beauty products from other countries. I do have a thing for French products. If I keep using Avene and Nuxe will I become French myself? I don’t think so but I can certainly try. Oui!

But back to the post at hand. So this summer my boyfriend traveled to Italy. Before he left he told me to make a list of any Italian beauty products that I wanted to try so that he can buy them for me during his vacay, immediately winning the Boyfriend of the Year award. So I gladly obliged. After a very intense Google session the only product that I really wanted was Santa Maria Novella’s Acqua Di Rose or simply rose water for my non-Italian speaking friends. 
This rose water is one of the brand’s signature products and can be used several ways. You can use it in the most common way: on your face to help de-puff tired eyes and to refresh the skin. But other uses include relieving aching muscles by adding some to your bath and applying a washcloth soaked in the rose water to your face to relieve migraines. This stuff is so ancient (but in a good way, I promise) that the recipe was said to be created during the time of the poet Dante. Raise your hand if you now want to read The Divine Comedy?
Santa Maria Novella Acqua Di Rose
 Just wanted to show off my mani. Wearing Smith & Cult in Fauntleroy.

Bottom Line: I love the smell of this! I know I’ve mentioned before that rose scents are not my favorite however this particular rose smell is divine! It smells like pure authentic roses. Not an artificial or chemical rose scent here. I’m talking the real deal. I mean this is made from actual roses found in the Florentine Hills of Italy. I’ve been applying it to my face before I go to sleep and it is very refreshing and makes my skin feel smooth. My only problem with this is the bottle. Although the bottle is gorgeous it does not have a spray top. Instead you must pour some of it on your hand and then apply it to your face. But I think I can manage.

Santa Maria Novella
    FYI my bf bought this in the brick and mortar store of the brand (pictured above) located in Rome near Piazza Navona. He paid about 14 euros for the 8.4 oz bottle which is huge by the way.
Have you tried any products from Santa Maria Novella? What’s your favorite international beauty product? Don’t forget to keep up with me on Instagram!