New In: Drybar 100 Proof Treatment Oil and Hot Toddy Protectant

Drybar 100 Proof Treatment Oil and Hot Toddy Heat & UV Protectant
This post is long overdue but it is finally here. I’ve been meaning to write a quick review of these products since I got them. So let’s begin. Drybar, for those of you who are not familiar, is a chain salon with locations across the U.S. What makes Drybar so special? Well they mainly focus on blowouts. So no coloring or cuts just a good ‘ol blowout. Also their prices are the same for everyone no matter how long your hair is. Drybar uses their own line of products and after loving my first experience at a midtown New York City location I had to check out their line. Thanks to a friend who gifted me these products I was able to give them a try. 
First of all I’m loving the packaging of the line. It looks so girly and chic. I’m a total sucker for good packaging for any kind of beauty product even if sometimes the product is not that great. But that’s not the case with these goodies. The 100 Proof Treatment Oil which comes in the cutest mint green/clear bottle feels so good on my curly/thick hair. Not only does it smell amazing but it is unlike any other hair oil I’ve tried. This one goes on smooth and not sticky. Plus it leaves my hair so soft. I like to apply it on my damp hair after washing it and it really makes my usual frizzy curls less unruly. I love this stuff!
The Hot Toddy Heat & UV Protectant feels like a thick cream. It’s suppose to help your hair by avoiding heat damage when using hot tools. Although I haven’t tried it when blow drying my hair, it does also protect against the sun’s UV rays. Protecting my hair from the sun was never something that I paid much mind to but now with this product I’ve been taking it more into consideration. I’ve been applying this cream before stepping out into the warm temps and it makes my hair feel moisturized. I definitely need to give it a try before a blowout though. Maybe I’ll book an appointment at my nearest Drybar…
Have you tried Drybar products before? What’s your favorite product for blow drying your hair? And don’t forget to follow me on Bloglovin‘ to keep up with my latest beauty posts!

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